Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Image result for wonder by patricia palacio genreWonder by Patricia Palacio. Wonder was a very inspiring book for me because it showed me how cruel kids can be, and its okay to be different. In this book August Pullman was the main character, he had a older sister named Via in high school. During summer he overheard his parents talking about sending him to school so he can get a experience, he disagreed and refused to walk into the school. He then realized he should get a experience of how "school" is and get a tour of some students attending his school. He loved the thought of going to school but was very nervous of what people thought of him. August is different compared to other students, and he doesn't look like others and that makes him feel insecure and does not want people to look at him. The first day of school he was very nervous, he got many looks. Throughout the day he realized he would actually love school. 2 weeks in he over heard what he so called his "bestirred" Jack Will talking about how Principal Mr. Tush-man is making him be friends with his just because of his his disabilities. Auggie soon realized this was the end of his schools day and will never talk or speak to Jack, Julian etc.  Why do people think so lowly of others based on looks?

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