Thursday, February 5, 2015

How To Make a Line Plot / Facts

          Dear readers, In learn-zillion we leaned about many different things about line plots.  For example, when you draw a Line Plot you have to make sure that the numbers are smallest to largest. When drawing a Line Plot you have to be organized so you can read the fractions and make sure its
not in the other side.

First, you put all your fractions from smallest to largest.

Next, you draw horizontal line with arrows on each side. (there may be repeating fractions)

Then, you put a mark on the line for each numbers, Put the number labels below the line.

After that, you put a "X" above the line, every time you see that same number, or occurs in the data set.

Last, the Line Plot can help you analyze your data, and to find your mode and range.


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