Thursday, December 18, 2014

After 5 weeks or so I have gotten more sick and I don't have that much power, and I also feel weak.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Goals For The New Year

My Goal for the New Year is to become a lot more better at math, and also to become better at science. In math I hope to be better a long division. I also want to get a higher level for reading. I at least want to be in a level 50. I also want to be a lot  more better at writing I think I could add more details. I also want to he a Better student, that gets good grades, and I want to play attention and make sure I'm listening.

How Do I Learn Best

  I think I remember more things when I either write things down or by drawing a picture. 
I also think I am a pretty good speller, but sometimes I can make mistakes. 
When a student, or a Teacher is reading I like to create a movie in my mind, or think about whats going on.
When I am bored and have no math homework I like to read.
I think I am a combination of Auditory and Tactile/Kinesthetic. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Age of Exploration: Begging Of Our Journey

      Hello, Lords and Ladies its is the year 1445, in the month of June. I have received the Royal Charter from Portugal.  We have enough members to set sail.  Our crew members from Portugal were trained well. Were going to set sail on August 1. My name is Michelle and I am a navigator, I am in charge for keeping the ship clean and I am a expert at reading maps and charts. I will be sailing on wonderful ship and its called "The Portugal Express." We all hope to find spices, and a lot of gold. 

       I have recently gotten a, disease and that disease is called "Flux" I have been recently getting Stomach Aces, and a lot of cramps, & I hope nothing goes bad when were setting sail.