Friday, October 24, 2014

Disaster Park

Dear reader, I recently completed my narrative story, and I hope you all enjoyed what I wrote about.

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 Disaster Park

As I arrived to the park I noticed my family members were starting to arrive. As I walked down the rocky  stairs I noticed there was a baseball field and I decided to play some kickball  with a couple of my friends and family members. We all ran to get a ball and some baseball bats.
“Ok half of you go pitch.” explained Kevin
We all decided I should go first so I did. As he rolled the ball to me I focused on the ball, and quickly hit it and it went flying to the other side of the base. I quickly ran to the first base. As the other person hit the ball I ran as fast as I can to the other base, but I was too late and I just ran right into the other half and they got me, but I kept running and I wasn't paying attention to where I was go and I bumped into something
As my eyesight vision was becoming more clearer I heard a voice coming my way.

“Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! are you alright!?” explained my cousin.
“Yeah I’m okay.” I explained.

As we all where walking out of the baseball field  I noticed I was sweating. As I put my hand on my forehead to wipe of the sweat off of my head I saw my hand covered in blood.

oh no what am I going to do?!

As he looked up and down he got to my face to see if I was alright  he noticed there was a cut near my forehead. He quickly ran to the dirty park bathrooms and got some napkins

What if I need stitches?!

As we all were walking  to the dirty park benches my dad was there he noticed the cut, he went to go get some napkins and wiped the blood of my face. Then I started to feel dizzy and I had trouble breathing and I knew my blood pressure went down. The dizziness started to continue and then I started to feel tired. My aunt came over to see what happened, she said that the cut might  get infected, so she went to go buy me some bandages and some medicine. As I got up to go get some water the dizziness was starting to go away, and the blood on the my cut started to dry.

“Michelle I don’t think you need stitches the cut isn’t that deep, you just need some bandages and a some medicine so it can heal.”

Oh that wasen’t bad as I thought.   

I began to think about what my family had done and all the times they all been there for me or my siblings, cousin like the time I was sick and my aunts, uncles took care of me. I’m realizing that my family will always be there when I’m hurt or something really bad has happened to me. I trust my family to help me and always be there when I need them. Or when they need me.  - Michelle

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