Thursday, September 4, 2014

Web Quest 1

Dear, Reader,
I was recently asked to do something to do in science and that was find the soil sample. But first I'm going to show you some information. Matter is something that takes up a lot of space. Matter can also be a solid, a liquid and a gas. These are called 'States of Matter." Matter also has different properties, those properties are called Volume, Mass, Shape and Color. Mass is the amount of matter in a object. I learned this at discovery education teckbook. Mass is not the same thing as weight. Mass is measured using a balance or a scale.
      I am en environmental scientist. I collect a soil sample from a construction sight and analyzed it using the following process.

1. I collected the soil sample.
2. I found the mass of the entire soil sample using a scale.
3.I seperated  the contaminates from the soil. I did this by sorting with my hands because everything was solid and had a different color and shape. Therefore sorting by hand is easy
4. I found the mass of just the soil (without the contaminate). I entered the data on Soil Sleuths Data Tracking Sheet
5. I then found the mass of each type of contaminant (In this case each color skittle represented

My Soil Sample is a Mixture because you can see the two different ingredients. Also you can separate the two ingredients.

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