Wednesday, September 17, 2014

There Nerves System

Hello Reader,

In Science I am learning about the nerves system. This is important system for your body. The Nerve System enters the human body and it goes threw the spinal cord, and then it goes to the brain and then it resives  messages. If we didn't have the Nervous System we pretty much can see if its hot or not. Messages are always being transferred throughout your body, by the fast moving electricity.

     Why is the nervous system important? It's important because the nervous system helps feel if something is hot or not, so basically theirs a message going threw your body. It first goes threw you brain and then it goes threw your spinalcord, and the threw the nervous system. We all have billions of nerons. How do the different components of the nervous system help the nervous system. They are the brain, spinalcord, and the neurons system. The brain is connected to the spinal cord. The nervous connect to your brain. How do the brain receive information from outside the body when nervous system help you. The nervous system works muscle by     

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