Thursday, December 18, 2014

After 5 weeks or so I have gotten more sick and I don't have that much power, and I also feel weak.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Goals For The New Year

My Goal for the New Year is to become a lot more better at math, and also to become better at science. In math I hope to be better a long division. I also want to get a higher level for reading. I at least want to be in a level 50. I also want to be a lot  more better at writing I think I could add more details. I also want to he a Better student, that gets good grades, and I want to play attention and make sure I'm listening.

How Do I Learn Best

  I think I remember more things when I either write things down or by drawing a picture. 
I also think I am a pretty good speller, but sometimes I can make mistakes. 
When a student, or a Teacher is reading I like to create a movie in my mind, or think about whats going on.
When I am bored and have no math homework I like to read.
I think I am a combination of Auditory and Tactile/Kinesthetic. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Age of Exploration: Begging Of Our Journey

      Hello, Lords and Ladies its is the year 1445, in the month of June. I have received the Royal Charter from Portugal.  We have enough members to set sail.  Our crew members from Portugal were trained well. Were going to set sail on August 1. My name is Michelle and I am a navigator, I am in charge for keeping the ship clean and I am a expert at reading maps and charts. I will be sailing on wonderful ship and its called "The Portugal Express." We all hope to find spices, and a lot of gold. 

       I have recently gotten a, disease and that disease is called "Flux" I have been recently getting Stomach Aces, and a lot of cramps, & I hope nothing goes bad when were setting sail.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Disaster Park

Dear reader, I recently completed my narrative story, and I hope you all enjoyed what I wrote about.

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 Disaster Park

As I arrived to the park I noticed my family members were starting to arrive. As I walked down the rocky  stairs I noticed there was a baseball field and I decided to play some kickball  with a couple of my friends and family members. We all ran to get a ball and some baseball bats.
“Ok half of you go pitch.” explained Kevin
We all decided I should go first so I did. As he rolled the ball to me I focused on the ball, and quickly hit it and it went flying to the other side of the base. I quickly ran to the first base. As the other person hit the ball I ran as fast as I can to the other base, but I was too late and I just ran right into the other half and they got me, but I kept running and I wasn't paying attention to where I was go and I bumped into something
As my eyesight vision was becoming more clearer I heard a voice coming my way.

“Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! are you alright!?” explained my cousin.
“Yeah I’m okay.” I explained.

As we all where walking out of the baseball field  I noticed I was sweating. As I put my hand on my forehead to wipe of the sweat off of my head I saw my hand covered in blood.

oh no what am I going to do?!

As he looked up and down he got to my face to see if I was alright  he noticed there was a cut near my forehead. He quickly ran to the dirty park bathrooms and got some napkins

What if I need stitches?!

As we all were walking  to the dirty park benches my dad was there he noticed the cut, he went to go get some napkins and wiped the blood of my face. Then I started to feel dizzy and I had trouble breathing and I knew my blood pressure went down. The dizziness started to continue and then I started to feel tired. My aunt came over to see what happened, she said that the cut might  get infected, so she went to go buy me some bandages and some medicine. As I got up to go get some water the dizziness was starting to go away, and the blood on the my cut started to dry.

“Michelle I don’t think you need stitches the cut isn’t that deep, you just need some bandages and a some medicine so it can heal.”

Oh that wasen’t bad as I thought.   

I began to think about what my family had done and all the times they all been there for me or my siblings, cousin like the time I was sick and my aunts, uncles took care of me. I’m realizing that my family will always be there when I’m hurt or something really bad has happened to me. I trust my family to help me and always be there when I need them. Or when they need me.  - Michelle

Friday, September 26, 2014

Earths Changing Surface

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,  today in science we were learning about Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes

 Earthquakes definitely cause a lot of destroy but first I'm going to tell you how a earthquake starts.
But I'm going to show you how a Tsunamis start. First the sand shakes and then the water makes a big wave and that wave usually cause to destroy a lot of things.
Tsunamis are related to earthquakes in many different ways. First of all they both cause a lot of damage to many homes.
A Volcano is a kinda like a huge mountain and sometimes it erupts lava or sometimes thick ash. The people who live close to a volcano usually can't do anything. For example Pompeii, they live around a Volcano and the thick ash hits near there house and usually the thick air (ash)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

There Nerves System

Hello Reader,

In Science I am learning about the nerves system. This is important system for your body. The Nerve System enters the human body and it goes threw the spinal cord, and then it goes to the brain and then it resives  messages. If we didn't have the Nervous System we pretty much can see if its hot or not. Messages are always being transferred throughout your body, by the fast moving electricity.

     Why is the nervous system important? It's important because the nervous system helps feel if something is hot or not, so basically theirs a message going threw your body. It first goes threw you brain and then it goes threw your spinalcord, and the threw the nervous system. We all have billions of nerons. How do the different components of the nervous system help the nervous system. They are the brain, spinalcord, and the neurons system. The brain is connected to the spinal cord. The nervous connect to your brain. How do the brain receive information from outside the body when nervous system help you. The nervous system works muscle by     

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Web Quest 1

Dear, Reader,
I was recently asked to do something to do in science and that was find the soil sample. But first I'm going to show you some information. Matter is something that takes up a lot of space. Matter can also be a solid, a liquid and a gas. These are called 'States of Matter." Matter also has different properties, those properties are called Volume, Mass, Shape and Color. Mass is the amount of matter in a object. I learned this at discovery education teckbook. Mass is not the same thing as weight. Mass is measured using a balance or a scale.
      I am en environmental scientist. I collect a soil sample from a construction sight and analyzed it using the following process.

1. I collected the soil sample.
2. I found the mass of the entire soil sample using a scale.
3.I seperated  the contaminates from the soil. I did this by sorting with my hands because everything was solid and had a different color and shape. Therefore sorting by hand is easy
4. I found the mass of just the soil (without the contaminate). I entered the data on Soil Sleuths Data Tracking Sheet
5. I then found the mass of each type of contaminant (In this case each color skittle represented

My Soil Sample is a Mixture because you can see the two different ingredients. Also you can separate the two ingredients.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy my blog!

Thank you,